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Picture of Clinical Neuroimaging - Book and Test
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Clinical Neuroimaging

5.75 Category A CEUs
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Course Difficulty Advanced Advanced

Clinical Neuroimaging: Cases and Key Points is a must-have resource that offers one-stop, essential preparation for neuroimaging examinations. This unique review utilizes a step-by-step approach to case-based learning that assures more thorough retention of material, and reinforces your understanding of even the most difficult topics.

Coverage reflects all the recent advances of clinical importance, so you can assimilate critical new information easily into your examination preparation activities and daily practice. It's the ultimate tool to prepare for certification and recertification/maintenance of certification, or for use as a clinical refresher!


  • The go-to guide that helps you use CTs or MRIs to identify critical neurology problems--from brain tumors and spinal cord injuries to multiple sclerosis
  • Well-illustrated case-based approach
  • Skill-sharpening references to both normal and altered anatomy in neuroimaging studies
  • Complete survey of current developments in clinical neurology

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5.75 ASRT Category A Credits
California Accepted: Yes
California fluoroscopy permit requirement accepted:  No
California Digital requirement accepted:  No
California X-ray Supervisor/Operator: Yes
Texas: Direct Credit
Florida: Technical Credit
Florida Provider #3200618
Accepted by NMTCB
Registered Nurse: Approved for 5.75 Contact Hours

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Delaware, Georgia, Minnesota and Utah
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On completion of this course the participant should be able to:
1. Describe how MRI creates an image.
2. Describe the purpose of the sympathetic nervous system.
3. Name the two parts of the central nervous system.
4. Name the most common infratentorial neoplasm in adults.
5. List at least three types of hemorrhagic metastatic lesions.
6. Explain how radiosurgery is being used to treat certain brain lesions.
7. List the active phases of Neurocysticercosis.
8. When viewing a CT scan , describe the appearance of a cavernoma.
9. Name three types of medically-refractory seizures.
10. List three classic symptoms of tuberous sclerosis.

This test is a multiple choice, open book test and contains 60 questions.
This is a hard cover book and has 21 chapters and 170 pages

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