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Head and Neck Imaging Cases - Part 1

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Manufacturer: McGraw Hill
25.25 ARRT Credits
Credit Type:  Category A
California Accepted: Yes
California X-ray Supervisor/Operator: Yes
California fluoroscopy permit requirement accepted:  No
California Digital requirement accepted:  No
Texas: Direct Credit
Florida: Technical Credit
Florida Provider #3200618
Accepted by ARRT
Accepted by NMTCB
Registered Nurse: Approved for 25.25 Contact Hours
All of our courses are accepted by the State Nursing Boards, except for the following states:
Delaware, Georgia, Minnesota and Utah
Our Nursing provider number is: California Nurse Provider #CEP13196

This is an extra large book, split into two courses.  There is an additional $6.50 shipping charge to cover the weight of the book.

Head and Neck Imaging Cases uses 366 cases and more than 3000 images to familiarize you with imaging findings of common head and neck diseases and conditions encountered in daily practice. Rarer diseases that have typical image findings as well as normal variants and benign conditions that may be mistaken as abnormalities or malignancies are also included. Reflecting real-world practice, CT and MRI are the main modalities illustrated throughout the book. In addition, you will find cases utilizing fluoroscopy, PET-CT, conventional angiogram/interventional radiology, and radiotherapy/radiosurgery.

The book’s easy-to-navigate organization is specifically designed for use at the workstation. The concise, quick-scan text, numerous images, helpful icons, and pearls speed and simplify the learning process.


  • Cases involve the temporal bones, skull base, nasal cavity, and paranasal sinuses, orbit, globe, suprahyoid neck, salivary gland, oral cavity and oropharynx, jaw, larynx and hypopharynx, infrahyoid neck, and lymph nodes
  • Each case includes presentation, findings, differential diagnosis, boxed pearls, and numerous images
  • Icons, a grading system depicting the full spectrum of findings from common to rare and typical to unusual along with consistent chapter organization make this perfect for rapid at-the-bench consultation

On completion of this course the participant should be able to:
1. List 3 symptoms that are typical of Acute Otitis Media.
2. Define the term “Labyrinthine Fistula”.
3. Name the most common tumor in the head and neck.
4. List at least 2 symptoms of Paget’s Disease.
5. Describe the importance of using CT to diagnose Fungal Sinusitis.
6. Name the most common site of pleomorphic adenoma.
7. Name 2 less common causes of trochlear calcification.
8. List 3 types of malignant epithelial tumors.
9. Define the term “flat tire sign” found during ocular trauma.
10. Describe 3 theories proposed to explain the symptoms of Eagle syndrome.


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This is a multi-part course. Part 1 covers Chapters 1-6

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This book and has 15 chapters and 1253 pages.

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Structured Education / CQR - Computed Tomography - CT Procedures Head, Spine & Musculoskeletal - 21 credits
Structured Education / CQR - Computed Tomography - CT Procedures Neck & Chest - 4.25 credits
Structured Education / CQR - Magnetic Resonance Imaging - MRI Procedures Neuro - 25.25 credits