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Picture of Healthcare Leadership - Book and Test
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Healthcare Leadership

14.5 Category A Credits
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Manufacturer: McGraw Hill
14.5 ARRT Credits
Credit Type:  Category A
California Accepted: No
California X-ray Supervisor/Operator: No
California fluoroscopy permit requirement accepted:  No
California Digital requirement accepted:  No
Texas: Direct Credit
Texas:Indirect Credit
Florida: Personal Development Credit
Florida Provider #3200618
Accepted by ARRT
Accepted by NMTCB
Accepted by ARDMS
Accepted by CRA for 14.5 continuing Education credits in Communication and Information Management.
Registered Nurse: Approved for 14.5 Contact Hours
All of our courses are accepted by the State Nursing Boards, except for the following states:
Delaware, Georgia, Minnesota and Utah
Our Nursing provider number is: California Nurse Provider #CEP13196

Written by authors who have more than sixty years of combined experience in healthcare, physician, and organizational leadership, this groundbreaking book is an innovative blueprint for overcoming the complex changes and challenges faced by leaders in today's healthcare environment.

Rather than being a theoretic work, The Manual of Healthcare Leadership is intended to be a relevant, practical, and real-world guide that addresses the myriad organizational, regulatory, budgetary, legal, staffing, educational, political, and social issues facing leaders in the healthcare industry. One of the primary goals of this book is to enable readers to maximize the performance of each staff member in the interest of collectively providing peerless healthcare to their service community.

The strategies offered throughout the text include the "why, what, and how" necessary to solve specific problems and challenges encountered by healthcare managers and leaders. Instruction is provided not only with text, but with diagrams and other resources specifically designed to demonstrate sequential thinking and the progressive application of solutions.

With this book in hand, healthcare leaders will be able to confidently select, train, guide, and assess their staff. They will also be able to negotiate, plan, resolve problems, manage change and crisis, and handle the thousand and one other challenges that come their way on a daily basis.

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On completion of this course the participant should be able to:
1.Explain the difference between quantitative and qualitative outcomes.
2.Explain the best way to encourage accountability within your staff.
3.Name four examples of laws that support equal opportunity.
4.List four important people skills that make a good leader.
5.Discuss the importance of focusing on symptoms instead of causes.
6.Explain the two-factor theory for understanding motivation in the workplace.
7.Name four key traits of a strong team member.
8.Discuss ways to assist less creative employees to become active participants on the team.
9.Explain the importance of a needs analysis in determining they type of training individuals will benefit from.
10. Describe five guidelines to assist in creating a cohesive work environment.

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