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Picture of Introduction to Diagnostic Radiology  - Book and Test
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Introduction to Diagnostic Radiology

62 ARRT Category A CEUs
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Manufacturer: McGraw Hill
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62.0 ARRT Credits
Credit Type:  Category A
Radiologist Assistant: No (for more information about A and A+ credits, Click Here)

California Accepted (CRT, XT, RTF): Yes
California Digital Requirement:  No
California fluoroscopy permit requirement accepted:  Yes
California X-ray Supervisor/Operator: Yes
California Chiropractor: No
Texas: Direct Credit
Florida: Technical Credit
Florida Provider #3200618
Accepted by ARRT
Accepted by NMTCB for 62.0 credits (XRAY/CT/PET/MRI/NUC/BONE SCAN/NMAA)
Accepted by ARDMS
Registered Nurse: Approved for 62.0 Contact Hours
All of our courses are accepted by the State Nursing Boards, except for the following states:
Delaware, Georgia, Minnesota and Utah
Our Nursing provider number is: California Nurse Provider #CEP13196

Introduction to Diagnostic Radiology is written to provide non-radiologists with the level of knowledge necessary to order correct radiological examinations, improve image interpretation, and enhance their interpretation of various radiological manifestations. The book focuses on the clinical scenarios most often encountered in daily practice and discusses practical imaging techniques and protocols used to address common problems. Relevant case scenarios are included to demonstrate how to reach a specific diagnosis.

Introduction to Diagnostic Radiology is divided into ten chapters. The first two chapters provide basic information on various diagnostic imaging techniques and control agents. Each of the following chapters discuss imaging of specific organ systems and begin with a description of the imaging modality of choice and illustrates the relevant features to help simplify the differential diagnosis. You will also find important chapters on pediatric radiology and women's imaging.

Unlike other introductory texts on the subject, this book treats diagnosis from a practical point of view. Rather than discuss various diseases and classify them from the pathologic standpoint, Introduction to Diagnostic Radiology utilizes cases from the emergency room and physician's offices and uses a practical approach to reach a diagnosis. The cases walk you through a radiology expert’s analysis of imaging patterns. These cases are presented progressively, with the expert's thinking process described in detail. The cases highlight clinical presentation, clinical suspicion, modality of choice, radiologic technique, and pertinent imaging features of common disease processes.

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On completion of this course the participant should be able to:
1. Name at least two types of contrast agents.
2. Define the differences between the terms attenuation and density.
3. Name the four main parts of a Gamma camera.
4. List two imaging modalities used to determine pleural effusion.
5. In a clinical suspicion of acute appendicitis, name at least 4 other disorders that can cause right lower quadrant pain.
6. List the most common primary malignancy of the liver.
7. Explain the advantages of using Dual-energy CT to diagnose ureteral stones.
8. Define the term Bone Mineral Density (BMD).
9. Define the term “Bone Survey”.
10. Name at least three risk factors for ectopic pregnancy.


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