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Picture of Orthopaedic Surgery Case Files - Book and Test
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Orthopaedic Surgery Case Files

21.75 ARRT Category A CEUs
Instructional Videos:

Manufacturer: McGraw Hill
21.75 ARRT Credits
Credit Type:  Category A
California Accepted: No
California X-ray Supervisor/Operator: No
California fluoroscopy permit requirement accepted:  No
California Digital requirement accepted:  No
Texas:Indirect Credit
Florida: Technical Credit
Florida Provider #3200618
Accepted by ARRT
Accepted by NMTCB
Registered Nurse: Approved for 21.75 Contact Hours
All of our courses are accepted by the State Nursing Boards, except for the following states:
Delaware, Georgia, Minnesota and Utah
Our Nursing provider number is: California Nurse Provider #CEP13196

Experience with clinical cases is key to excelling in your rotations and post-graduate training. Case Files: Orthopaedic Surgery gives you 45 true-to-life cases that illustrate concepts critical to managing common musculoskeletal injuries and conditions. Each case includes a concise and accurate patient presentation, key exam findings, and clear radiologic images where applicable. Additionally, cases include in-depth discussions of the injury or condition represented, replete with evidence-based practice recommendations, basic procedural tips and techniques, and discussion of potential complications, pitfalls, and ultimate patient outcomes. Review questions and clinical pearls reinforce learning.

  • Learn from 45 high-yield cases, each with review questions
  • Master key concepts with clinical pearls
  • Polish your approach to clinical problems and think like a surgeon
  • Perfect for students, orthopaedic interns, and residents who encounter orthopaedic conditions in daily practice

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On completion of this course the participant should be able to:
1. Explain the importance of clearing the cervical spine in high-energy trauma settings.
2. Name the causes of patellar tendon rupture.
3. List the radiographic studies which should be ordered for ankle fractures.
4. Explain how to perform the Galeazzi test.
5. Discuss the anatomy of the Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL).
6. Name the treatment options for cubital tunnel syndrome.
7. Explain the importance of patient history, physical exam and radiologic findings when diagnosing osteosarcoma.
8. List four risk factors for developing gout.
9. Explain the difference between nutritional and non-nutritional rickets.
10. List three risk factors for developing osteoporosis.


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Structured Education / CQR - Registered Radiologist Assistant - RA Patient Care Patient Management - .5 credit
Structured Education / CQR - Registered Radiologist Assistant - RA Procedures Musculoskeletal & Endocrine - 20.25 credits
Structured Education / CQR - Radiology - RAD Procedures Extremities - 20.25 credits