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Mammography Continuing Education Courses

In order to perform mammograms, you must meet the following guidelines:

You must complete the initial MQSA and applicable state requirements.

  1. Receive your specific state radiology continuing education licensing requirements. Both initial and mammography continuing education requirements vary by state, so please check with your state licensing agency to confirm if your state requires specific courses and which CE credits your state accepts.
  2. Receive your board certification through the American Registry of Radiologic Technologists or the American Registry of Clinical Radiography Technologists.
  3. Receive 40 hours of initial training in mammography, which includes breast anatomy, physiology, positioning, compression, quality assurance and quality control techniques, and imaging of patients with breast implants.
  4. Complete 25 mammography examinations under the supervision of an MQSA-qualified individual.
  5. Obtain 8 hours of initial mammography modality-specific training within each modality prior to using that modality independently. The modalities include full-field digital mammography, digital breast tomosynthesis, screen film mammography and xeromammography. For more information about modalities, read the FDA definition of modalities.

Mammographers must also complete 15 radiology CE continuing education credits during the prior 36 month period from the last MQSA inspection.

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