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Blog posts of '2018' 'February'

New Security Protocols

Did you know that new security protocols have been written to protect us from security breaches?  Recent news reports about companies being hacked because of security issues has prompted the credit card processors to initiate more strict security procedures in order to make internet browsing and purchases more secure. 

To be sure that your shopping experience is safe and productive, please update your browser as soon as possible since some websites may stop working with older browsers as these new security standards are put in place.  We are advising our customers to update their computers to the latest web browsers, such as Firefox 58.x or higher, Microsoft Internet Explorer 11.x or higher, or Google Chrome 64.x or higher.  These new browsers have additional security built into them.

Below are links to the most popular and up-to-date browsers. Keep in mind that these browsers update frequently as new threats become known.  Keeping your browser up-to-date helps keep your computer safe from hackers.


Microsoft Internet Explorer:

Google Chrome: