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How To Become An X-Ray Tech in Ohio

Ready to learn how to become an X-Ray Tech in Ohio? The path is straightforward yet requires commitment and diligence. Ohio provides aspiring X-ray techs with several accredited programs and opportunities to start their career in radiologic technology.


Educational Journey: Begin by enrolling in an accredited radiologic technology program, typically at the Associate Degree level. Choosing a program recognized by the Joint Review Committee on Education in Radiologic Technology (JRCERT) is crucial for ensuring the quality of education and training received.


Clinical Experience: Integrated within your academic journey is hands-on clinical experience. This component is invaluable for developing practical skills and knowledge under the supervision of experienced radiologic technologists in real-world healthcare settings.


Certification: After completing the educational and clinical requirements, passing the American Registry of Radiologic Technologists (ARRT®) certification exam is the next step. This certification demonstrates your competency and readiness to practice in the field.


State Licensure: Once certified, you can then apply for a state license to practice as an X-ray tech in Ohio, meeting the specific requirements and standards set by the Ohio Department of Health.


Continued Education: Maintaining your licensure in Ohio requires a commitment to ongoing education, and staying current with the advancements and best practices in radiologic technology. Gage CE offers continuing education courses for the Radiology profession and we can help you with all your CEU needs. Learn more about the Ohio Radiology CEU courses we offer. 


Knowing how to become an X-ray tech in Ohio opens the door to a rewarding career in healthcare, offering the chance to contribute significantly to patient care in the state’s diverse and dynamic healthcare landscape.