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ARRT Structured Ed and CQR

As many of you know, if you want to pursue a credential using the postprimary pathway, you must complete 16 hours of structured education. shown below is a list of courses which will meet the structured education requirements with just one or two courses.  Click on the links to be directed to the course or courses that you are interested in:

Courses that Meet Structured Ed  
Course#              Course Name Credits   Modality
R204 Complete Guide to Cardiac CT 37.5 Cardiac Interventinal
R203 Body CT: The Essentials 25.75 CT
R240 Critical Care Ultrasound 30.25 Sonography
R239 Vascular Medicine 41.25 Vascular Interventional
R212 Requisites: Breast Imaging 27.25 Mammography
R212 Requisites: Breast Imaging 27.25 Breast Sonography
R234 Ionizing Rad. Health Risks 42.25 Radiographer
RC139 Bone Density Combo Pack 28.5 Bone Density
RC71 MRI Combo Pack 44.75 MRI
RC240 Vascular Sonography Combo Pack 40.25 Vascular Sonography
RC84 NMT Combo Pack 51.5 NMT
RC8470 RA Combo Pack 40 RA
RC242 Radiation Therapy Combo Pack 30.25 Radiation Therapy
RC22884 Radiography Combo Pack 46.75 Radiography

If you are looking for courses that meet your CQR requirements, visit the Structured Education/CQR page on our website.  The courses shown in this category have been coded by the ARRT to meet these requirements.  Each course has a clickable tab and will list all of the information you'll need to make a decision about which course or courses to purchase.  In addition, we have put together a very informative brochure which lists all of the courses and what the ARRT coding is for Structured Education/CQR.  Click here to download the brochure.