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VA Plans to Allow CNP to Take and Interpret Xrays

According to the ASRT, the Department of Veterans Affairs proposes to allow A CNP has full practice authority to: Order, perform, supervise, and interpret laboratory and imaging studies.  The ASRT opposes this change and wants to make sure our veterans receive the best care possible. Only registered radiologic technologists should perform highly technical medical imaging procedures.

The ASRT has asked for clarification of this proposal.  You can read the entire article at:

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1/23/2017 5:32 PM
This should not be allowed unless the CNP is a registered Radiologic Technologist thst has gone through the proper training and education requirements. All states should require this as well that anyone practising radiologic imaging should be licensed and meet all requirements because this should ensure that the patient is getting the best care and safe care possible. If this is not the case, what is the point of those of us who have been properly trained and registered? Part of the problem has been that some people don't know what the Radiologic Tech has to know to do the job and how important it is to safely use radiation. Cassandra Ferrell, R.T.
1/23/2017 5:49 PM
Also pertaining to the VA having the CNP interpret radiologic images,this can be life threatening. Radiologists are doctors who have or should have had years of focused training for this. I have known some doctors who were not radiologists misinterpret images in my 38 years of practice. So how can a CNP be expected to read images correctly. If this is to save money, what about saving lives and giving the best medical care possible. Cassandra Ferrell,R.T.